Academic Areas in Ft.Lauderdale, FL

The English major offers students the skills of creative writing, composition, critical analysis, historical research, literature, and respectful debate. Our programs in creative and critical writing help students find their own voice. The mission of the English department at Bayshire College of Arts & Science is to instill critical practices in reading, writing, and thinking to promote creative and humanist responses to literature. A degree in English stresses the development analytical reading and reasoning skills and the articulate use of oral and written language.
Political science is the systematic study of politics and its connection to human life as a whole. Students learn the relationships between law and political institutions, economic and political power and culture and political identity. Prospective careers would include work as a policy analyst, a member of a legislative staff, a lobbyist, advisor to candidates and political parties, and leadership of interest groups. If you are interested in political processes and how they work, and how societies set up the structure that regulates how they work you should consider a degree in Political Science.
Philosophy major requires that students take 11 courses in philosophy. The curriculum area of focus is natural science, literature, languages, history and the social sciences more intensive training in liberal arts. When you study philosophy you develop strong logic and judgment skills. Philosophy analyzes critical concepts that are used in daily life. Philosophy means the love of wisdom.
The program encourages the exchange of knowledge and openness to developing new ideas. As an anthropology major, you will explore all kinds of mysteries about people and primates. Anthropology majors develop an understanding of cultures around the world. An anthropology degree can lead to a variety of career paths. A multitude of career opportunities are available in health care, education, business, journalism, museum work, forensics, and international relations.
Women's studies prepare students to live and work in a diverse culture. Women's studies argue that women's experiences are important if we are to understand human society. Women's study will take you from the basics of transnational feminism to advance understanding and application of transnational feminist theory, methodology and practice. Women's studies examine how the lives of individual women and men are shaped by broader structural forces in both historical and contemporary contexts, globalization, economic developments and the legal system. You will study the different perspective on women's rights. You will learn the struggles and achievements of women throughout history and around the world.
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